How should I handle my fine art prints?

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With love and care! That’s how we make them, on the best materials available. They’re precious, but with the correct care they can last a lifetime. All orders (except those dropshipped) will be accompanied by care instructions.

Key tips:

  • Frame your prints ASAP!
  • Keep prints in the protective archival sleeve or sheet until framed.
  • Keep handling to an absolute minimum.
  • When you have to handle prints, only touch the edges.
  • Never touch the printed area.
  • Use two hands to support your print so that it doesn’t bend. A crease in the print will be permanent.
  • Don’t use your hands to wipe off any dust. This can scratch the printed area.
  • Never blow on the print to remove dust. Even the tiniest amount of moisture can affect the paper.
  • If necessary you (or your framer) can use compressed air for dust removal.
  • Never place the print print-side-down on any surface. This will cause permanent scuffing.
  • Keep your print away from bright light and humidity.

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