How do I set my files up for print?

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Here's the brief checklist:

FILE TYPE:  TIFF and/or PSD preferred (layers must flattened). We also accept JPG and PNG. No other file types are accepted.

COLOURSPACE:  RGB; can be sRGB or Adobe RGB (1998)

RESOLUTION: between 180 and 300ppi (pixels per inch). Do not resample your files to increase their resolution - submit them at their native resolution. We do have professional software that can aid in safely enlarging images (providing that the source material we are provided with is in a good state). Please provide the the file in it's native resolution so that we can best assess your options.

IMAGE DIMENSIONS: must be the same as your desired print size, including any border you'd like. Any resizing/layout will incur a file set up fee.

FILE NAME: should follow this convention: ArtworkName_PrintSize

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