Can I print a custom size?

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We run a 44″ large format printer and stock media in lots of different sizes, so we can make prints to (almost!) any size you’d like.

Most custom prints are produced from a roll, rather than pre-cut standard sizes sheets. Printing from a roll allows you to print any size up to 44 inches wide. All roll prints produced by Hound & Bone are perfectly hand-trimmed to final size at no additional cost.

Print cost is determined by linear centimetre. To calculate your print price, multiply the length of the print in centimetres (inc. border) by the ‘per cm’ price, tabled below.

Example: a 50 x 70cm print will use 70cm of paper (the 50cm measurement fits within the fixed roll width of 609mm/24” ). Print price calculation: 70 x $1.40 = $98.00

Roll print pricing

Roll width

Price (per centimetre)

17” (431mm)


24” (609mm)


44” (1117mm)



• The minimum charge for all roll sizes is 20cm.

• The maximum printable width of a 17” roll is 42cm (16.5”)

• The maximum printable width of a 24” roll is 60cm (23.5”)

• The maximum printable wdith of a 44” roll is 110cm (43.3”)

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