Why do you work by appointment?

Cassie Updated by Cassie

Because we’re a small, busy studio, scheduling is critical to our workflow. To ensure we produce work that meets all our clients’ expectations and deadlines, please contact us ahead of time to book an appointment. If you arrive without notice, we won’t have much time to chat, as that’ll delay our print schedule. So, we’ll have to ask you to make an appointment to come back another time, which is never fun, no matter how nicely we put it!

In appointments, we take the time to learn about you and your work, and likewise you can learn about how we can best support your practice. It makes for a very productive, reliable process and the outcome is a true extension of your artwork.

Even if you’re just picking something up or dropping by to say hello, we still ask that you please call ahead. That way we can be ready for you!

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