How long is the printing process?

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Even though our process is digital, there's a lot more involved than simply sending your file to our printer.

Each file needs to be inspected prior to print. We do things the old fashioned way - each file is carefully checked in Photoshop by a human eye rather than an algorithm that simply checks file resolution (popular with bigger print services that use lab software/printing automation apps). We check for any potential issues (beyond just resolution) that may affect the quality of the final print. It's our job to make sure you get the best result possible from the file you've sent us.

From there, each individual sheet or roll is hand fed into the printer. Unlike large commercial offset presses, we can't print hundreds copies within a small time frame (for example, just one A4 print takes about three minutes from feed to finished print) so the printing process can take some time depending on the size of your order, or the size of your print.

Following printing, we need to inspect the final print (allowing out-gassing time in some cases) for any irregularities - working with natural materials like fine art papers means that there can be undesirable imperfections in the substrate surface or the inkjet coating, and it's our job to detect these. They can sometimes be tiny and easy to miss!

From there, every single print is hand trimmed to final size and then packaged in archival materials. The order is recounted to ensure we've met all of your specifications, and then safely packaged for post (if necessary).

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