Can I send you all my files for assessment?

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We can indeed! We're always happy to take a look at files and advise you*. If you have a lot of files for checking, we'll suggest our File Library Creation service. This way, we not only check your files but also size/set them up for printing at the same time.

As part of this service, we assess each file to determine a set of size and layout options and set up a complete library of all of your print-ready files. This is more economical than individual setup and ensures layout consistency across the series. It will also save you any future file setup fees, as your files are already sized and print-ready.

Sizes are determined by the original aspect ratio of the image, as well as optimal print result and most economical print cost. Upon completion, you’ll receive a written statement detailing the size options for each file and their respective print prices, and a link to your comprehensive print-ready file library.

Costs depend on how many files you have for checking (hourly rates apply - $25.00 per 15 minutes / $100.00 per hour).

* Please keep in mind that examining different file versions and going back and forth via email can take a lot of time. We'll always do our best to help you, but we suggest reading our File Setup Guide first, in case that answers your questions.

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