Sustainability at Hound & Bone

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We care about sustainability, and we do our utmost to minimise our business’s ecological footprint.

Short-run printing is much more efficient than offset or large-run - you only print what you need.

Our colour-calibrated monitors and beautifully made custom ICC profiles are extremely accurate, greatly minimising the need to proof-check.

However, if you do need to test print your files, we reserve 'seconds stock'. Seconds stock is refers to offcuts that have been salvaged from orders that didn't require the extra paper, or sheets with small, but usually imperceptible flaws (which also allows us to offer select test prints a a discounted rate). This means our recycling bin is basically empty at the end of every week.

Our pigment ink is responsibly recycled and our custom packaging materials are made from post-consumer waste. Tubes and print boxes are perfectly reusable and we also use paper-based protective packaging - only if we need to use protective packaging. Our tubes and print boxes have been designed specifically to avoid the need for plastic based bubble wrap or void fill.

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