Are smaller orders printed faster?

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Print orders are managed by a queue based system, which means that jobs are completed in the order they are confirmed (ie paid for).

Our turn around times fluctuate depending on how many jobs are in our queue, and smaller orders are not necessarily completed faster. Turn around times depend on when your order was confirmed (paid for), and how busy we are at that time - not the size of your order.

While print-on-demand is helpful if you don't want to hold inventory, turn around times are not quicker just because the order is small.

If you are printing on demand, we strongly suggest letting your customers know upfront that there can be a wait time involved. This is generally between 3-10 business days, plus delivery time.

We cannot guarantee specific turn around times for print-on-demand orders, so it is your responsibility to ensure that the turn around time you advertise allows enough time for printing and delivery (see above). We are not responsible for missing any deadlines you may have arranged with your customer.

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