Can I print someone else's artwork?

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No, unless you have been given permission by the copyright owner. If you’ve commissioned the artwork, then that’ll ordinarily be you, so that’s okay. In any case, we reserve the right to sight the agreement between you and the artist prior to printing.

If we have any concerns about the origins of an image, we’ll always do background research. We reserve the right to decline to print certain files if we have concerns about their origin.

Here's the fine print:

In accordance with Australian copyright law, a person who owns copyright of a work/artwork has the exclusive rights to produce copies of that work. The copyright owner may also allow others to make copies of their work. To legally produce copies of another person’s artwork, you must have the express permission of the creator/copyright holder. It is your responsibility to ensure you have this permission. Hound & Bone will not be held liable for any breach of copyright that you may commit in copying any material that may be owned by another person.

We reserve the right to ask that we see written permission from the copyright holder/artwork creator should we have any doubts about the ownership of the artworks we are asked to produce prints of. If you copy a work that is protected by copyright and do not have permission to make copies, you may be sued by the copyright holder – even if you are only copying a small part of the entire work.

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