Can you print double-sided?

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No, we don't produce double-sided fine art prints. Generally speaking, double sided printing through our specific print process is quite error prone and often takes more time/paper/materials than a standard job.

There are a few reasons for this.

The papers/inks used in our print process are quite delicate which means that the printed surface has a high likelihood of being scratched/marked on the second pass through the printer. Even the vacuums used to hold the paper in place during the print process can leave grazes on the 'back' surface of the substrate, which are visible when ink is laid over the top on the second pass.

As our specific printers aren't technically designed for double sided printing, while it is possible to do, there also tends to be a lot of issues with registration as well as the aforementioned scratching/grazing of the printed surface.

As a result of the issues related to double sided-printing, we don't carry any duo papers (duo papers are papers that are coated on both sides to make double sided printing possible).

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